There’s a new intern in town

It has now been seventeen days since the eventful night I arrived in North Adams. I feel comfortable today saying that I am comfortably settling. It’s easy though when everyone is so nice. I come from Lyon, second biggest city in France. People there are not as bad as in Paris, but I love this small town folks atmosphere. During my first week I was constently amazed at how cheerful everyone is. One of the hardest parts of my adaptation so far is trying to be a little less French, which means smile more. The other day I said hello to someone I had never seen before, and it felt great! There I was, bonding with my fellow American citizen.

Me wearing the glittering shorts

Me wearing the glittering blue shorts

The time I felt the most American during these past seventeen days was without a doubt when I went running for the first time with my B-HIP friends, in the most American outfit. I had absolutely no idea I would ever “go running” and I wasn’t prepared. My very cool roommate lent me these incredible glittering basketball shorts that you have here. I love them! I wish they were mine. The next day I went looking for similar ones that I could own and wear for every morning jog, but with no success.

Melanie is too nervous to look

Melanie is too worried to look

On a similar note, the moving of PRESS was a big success. I feel very priviledged joining PRESS at such crucial times. I witnessed the little stroll Melanie’s beloved Vandercook press took down mainstreet. Being little of an outsider, it was very enjoyable. While Melanie was trying to controle her anxiety, I could watch with delight how the movers handled the machine and had plenty of time to take pictures. Followed a lot of painting, of cleaning and unpacking. I really had a lot of fun, but at the same time, I can’t wait for the opening of our first exhibition, imPRESS, on the 20th. Make sure to be on Mainstreet at 6pm for the launch of the DownStreet Art 2013 season, I’ll be at PRESS with Melanie and all the wonderful people of North Adams, the Berkshires and beyond.

I am Antoine Scalbert and this has been my first of what I would like to become a fair amount of blog entries. See you folks later.

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