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Art and the Community

In the next couple of weeks, PRESS anticipates a number of exciting changes!

1. We are MOVING! Not far, just down the street to 49 Main Street. We’ll be right next to Gallery 51. We can’t wait. Look out for the PRESS taking a walk down the street this Thursday morning. Stay tuned to FB for details.

2. Great interns starting! A big welcome to Berkshire Hills Internship Program interns Antoine and Leeya, more about them in the next couple of weeks.

3. Antoine is currently talking part in MCLA’s Berkshire Cultural Resource Program’s Associate Gallery Manager Training. I will be presenting to that group tomorrow about art and the community. As part of that presentation, I wanted to give them a little history of art and the community, using great information from UMass Amherst’s Arts Extension Service Fundamentals of Arts Management AND a great and fun and FREE open source program Timeline JS.

So here’s a link to my little history. Enjoy!

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