Coming to a close

The days have been flying by, and the Experimental Letterpress is coming to a close. We all have been putting the finishing touches on our reduction cuts, and they look nothing short of amazing! Below you’ll see how they are progressing:

Andy is so pleased with his turtle!

Sarah’s awesome elephant! (prior to her printing the type)

Sharbreon’s bright and cheery broaside!

Our final assignment is a bit of a free for all. We get to print a broadside using one of the techniques we learned over the summer. Historically, broadsides are one of the most popular printed formats. Typically created with large type and an image, they were used as handbills, playbills, and poetry platforms. In this instance, we each chose a poem and designed an illustration for each. There were a wide variety of themes, colors, and layouts, and they all turned out great!

At the end of September, the work created in this class will be part of the End of Summer Show, some of which will be available to purchase! We hope that you will come and not only support student work, but also creativity and development of new art in the city of North Adams! See you there!

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