DIY Book of the Week Club!

DIY Sketchbook: The book that started Book of the Week Club.Upcycled cardboard and paper, with book tape and waxed thread.A day meant for cleaning the shop turning into a day of bookmaking and no cleaning, with this sketchbook as the result. The signatures are sewn directly into the spine of the book, showcasing the stitches on the outside. Colored book tape was used to hold the skeleton of the book together rather then a whole sheet of book cloth. Gotta show off that cardboard.

DIY Book of the Week Club, week 1: German Single Pamphlet Case Binding.

The German Case Binding was developed by Barbara Tetenbaum in order to sew a pamphlet into a hard cover; typically the cover to a pamphlet book is soft, and included in the main stitch of a single signature. (You can find the instructions in this edition of the Bonefolder.)

DIY Book of the Week Club, week 2: Accordion Book with Removable Spine.

This week I led the group in making a simple book with a removable spine. I first learned of this book from Lisa Rosowsky in Typography 3 and have always wanted to make it. Here are the instructions I followed. This type of book allows for more pages to be added, the book to start from both front and back, and binding sans adhesive. To make this book I used scraps left over from my Map It Out book and Janis Joplin series.

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