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The PRINT Marathon


What a fabulous weekend!

Eleven people, working 12-15 hours at PRESS two days in a row. Such incredible work was created, conversation shared, and experiments realized. It was an honor to work with such talented and wonderful artists.

Some of the highlights:

  • Andy and Michael working on the Poco, christening this machine with their typographical puzzles and poems.
  • Sandy wondering aloud if we could print pronto plates, paper lithography plates on a Vandercook. We tried it and we succeeded.
  • Karen’s great experiments with the primary colors and painted papers.
  • Derek’s use of his digital cutting machine to create an intricate and delicate pressure print of a satellite.
  • Anne’s layered and collaged pressure prints.
  • Claire’s tape drawings that print as lovely pressure prints.
  • Laura’s experiments with type and linoleum.
  • Valerie’s reductive print, and her determination to get everything perfectly aligned in spite of her torn edge papers.
  • Pam’s ability to bring stamping into every design.
  • Melanie’s endless energy and ability to squeeze every moment out of every moment.

So what did everyone make? Come to our opening on January 26th to find out. All prints will be for sale as a fundraising benefit event for PRESS. All proceeds from all sales from the marathon will go directly to programming and supply costs, so come and support PRESS.

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