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What a way to end the year!

Wow! 2011 sparkled with so much energy and creativity! PRESS operates because of the many people who have contributed time, money, hours and psychic energy. We would like to thank our biggest contributors as we end 2011 and look forward to 2012.

Our Primary Sponsors

  • MCLA
  • Scarfoni Realty
  • Downstreet Art
  • College Book Art Association

Founding Subscribers

  • Douglas Molin
  • Missy and Steve Del Rosso
  • Ted and Kathleen Mowinski – In loving Memory of Andrew “Andy” Thomas and Ginny Armington
  • Elsie and Joe Sedlock
  • Henry Gates
  • Herb Molin


  • Theresa Zigmond
  • Jonathan Secor and Anna Marie Harkins
  • Robin and Steve Williams

The ELEVEN Level

  • Purchit Lacuesta Corry

While these financial contributors are essential, the human power of MCLA student interns and other volunteers has been crucial.

A big huge thanks goes out to Jason Peabody, Pam Buchanan, Carrie Converse, Emily Breunig, Emily Cohane-Mann, and Marli LaGrone.

PRESS is always looking for more student interns! Contact us at letterspress105[at}gmail[dot]come for more info.

And here is how Jason thanked me, for all my hardwork:

 I have been wanting an old style oil can for months. I stop at antique shops, Sanford and Kid, Hudson’s, etc. etc. But no luck. Apparently Jason has been doing the same thing, and he came across this little gem at Hudson’s. And now it is mine! One of the greatest things about this sort of a gift, is that it allows me to remember Jason, and all of the young people who have helped me get PRESS to where it is today. Who knows what will happen in 2012. We look forward to a very successful fundraising campaign, great exhibits and fun collaborations. Check out our Upcoming Events  for what’s happening next!

I also need to put out a second big thank you to Douglas Molin, your humor, your light, your smile, your willingness to wake me up in the morning and feed me coffee, and all of you, thank you.

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