Cool Stuff / Letterpress

My first time at Letterpress Things

Who knew such a fantastic place existed. Well I did, but it took me a number of years to finally get there! Where is there? Letterpress Things in Chicopee, MA. Letterpress Things is John Barrett’s hobby, and a pretty imPRESSive one. We at PRESS are hoping we can convince John to come up and talk about all the cool letterpress things he knows!

Anything you need or want for a letterPRESS can pretty much be found at Letterpress Things. I was able to get a few things for PRESS during my first trip. John and Perry Tymeson of Suitcase Press gave me some great advise. (Big thanks to you both!)  Perry fixes presses, buys presses, sells presses and prints on presses. You might just see him sometime at PRESS this summer.

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